Personal space to share a passion of mine

Childhood friend

Wild Spirit



Colored Weirdo

Alex, the wise dog

Walk a mile in my shoes

Stained reality

Sunset Wilderness

Wearing Autumn

Creative mother nature

Summer Breeze

Sara and her flowers

Barker, his name was. Benjamin Barker.

He has written his thoughts in a tiny notebook that fits in his pocket

Beyond esthetics

"Life under the sea is better than anything they've got up there" said Sebastian


Passion and Strength

She got rosed

Born out of creativity

A star is born


Smoking life, blowing personality


What ignites your bravery

Every wrinckle tells a story

Fire that shines


Bad girls have fun

The beauty of difference

Wide range of colors between black and white

Shapes of fear


Kids being kids

Love stories can have happy endings

Souls on paper